Integrate disability, inclusion and accessibility in the heart of your business.

Beth Kume-Holland

Advocate. Entrepreneur. Leader.

MOKOM is led by Beth Kume-Holland is an award-winning disability specialist, global strategist and thought leader.

Beth works with businesses of all sizes to help them drive strategic solutions around accessibility and disability inclusion. She is a recognised specialist, working across business, government and wider society.

Beth is a passionate advocate for disability inclusion and neurodiversity. She combines her lived experience of disability and neurodiversity with her professional expertise in the business and disability space.

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Beth standing in front of graffiti street art of a pair of wings in Harvard Square.

How we can help



A microphone.

Book Beth to speak as a keynote speaker, host or panellist

Disability lunch and learn

One person speaking to another person.

An introductory session designed to raise awareness and understanding of disability


Monitor screen with a magnifying glass with a wheelchair user in it.

Want to “pick our brains” or ask for advice? Hire us as a disability lead consultant

Customised training

An open laptop.

MOKOM delivers a range of projects, training and workshops

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Patchwork Hub Logo.

MOKOM is a flagship partner of Patchwork Hub, an inclusive employment platform changing the narrative around work, health and disability.

Upcoming events

Unlocking the Potential of Disabled Entrepreneurship

Promoting Birkbeck University panel event on Disabled Entrepreneurship.

CIMR Debates and Workshops
 in Public Policy

Fashioning Liberation for the Disabled Community

Promoting Fashioning liberation for Disabled Community Harvard Alumni event.

Harvard Alumni for Fashion,
Luxury and Retail

How can we support disabled entrepreneurs?

Raising Visibility of Disabled Entrepreneurship with expert panellists.

D Entrepreneur
Experts Panel Event